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Photograph of us before living in a moldy environment
Photograph of us before living in a moldy environment

In 2009, while playing a game of hide-and-seek with my 5-year-old daughter, I stumbled upon an unwelcome guest: black mold coating the entire wall behind our sectional couch. The baseboards were rotting and mold had eaten through the paint. There was a greenish dust covering the lower areas and carpet, and a musty old smell I'll never forget.

Despite my well-intentioned attempts to remove the mold myself, the problem worsened and seemed to spread. I eventually discovered that the high humidity levels in our apartment mixed with the spores I naively swept through the apartment were a prime factor in this mold infestation.

As we kept battling the stubborn mold, we encountered numerous health challenges. It was a very dark period in our lives.

Our path crossed with Cofe Fiakpui, a master herbalist rooted in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices. He had been refining a formula over the years of working with patients that had been dealing with mold exposure.

Cofe's formula seemed to bring about a noticeable shift in our well-being. To say that his formula helped my family would be an understatement. Moved by this experience, I decided to make this supplement accessible to others who might be facing similar circumstances.

With Cofe's blessing, I brought MoldTCM into existence—a herbal supplement formulated specifically for individuals who have been exposed to mold.

Dr. Jacque Moser



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